Perfect Day

What is your perfect day?

Do you have an outline for what makes you feel your best? 

How do you fill your own cup?

To be honest I have about 3-4 different outlines which fulfill my separate needs. One that allows me to create from my artistic side whether that’s ground based movement flows or breaking out into a dance in my kitchen. The other two days fulfill my desires to move my body in ways that require effort; either through resistance or endurance. And sometimes I combine a little bit of everything.

Whatever your needs are, you should have this outlined if you want to consider how you keep showing up for yourself to give your body what it needs. 

If you’re unsettled, feeling anxious, or just frustrated with things in your life, look at the days where everything went right. What did you do to set your mindset and intention on accomplishing your goals. Maybe you didn’t have movement at all during this particular day. But I would go out on a limb and say that you probably didn’t sit on the couch binge watching and eating crap food. In some form I will assume you moved your body around, even if it was just walking.  

Our bodies need movement eventually to help us access higher emotional states, deal with stress and sometimes just get a good sweat because we need the feeling that we can overcome something hard. 

If you’ve become bored with a certain workout or routine then consider what else your body may need. There are millions of movements we are capable of from dance to lifting a barbell. Our particular interests influence this and we tend to gravitate to what we are good at. However the more things you try, the more likely you are to find particular categories of movement that you enjoy and will keep coming back to. 

As a quick and non-exhaustive reference these categories could include long continuous or repetitive movement (running), short burst or high intensity movements (interval training), rhythmic movements (dance), competitive movements (sport), movements which include objects we must interact with (skateboarding), and meditative movements (tai chi). In a lot of cases these activities will combine categories. 

For example stand up paddle boarding and yoga achieves mobility, flow and the ability to perform aerobic activity. 

However you choose to outline your day, create it in a way that will give you Your perfect day. A day where you moved your body to give it what it needed; be it flow, art, punishing workouts,  long continuous activity or a combination. No matter what time of the day you do this, do not neglect to fill your cup. Not only will it enhance your mood but you will more effectively help others. 

Find your path and stick to it!