Who We Are

Learn about our company’s mission, our vision, and how Path to Movement is rooted in helping individuals stay active, healthy and fit for life.

Our Mission:

To help people get out of pain, feel more confident in how they move and supply them with the necessary tools to perform what they love over their lifetime. We empower people to feel strong, capable and resilient.

Our Vision:

Path to Movement strives to provide a holistic approach to health care that values longevity through freedom of movement. We want to help change healthcare through education on the importance of healing yourself and finding fulfillment in life through our relationship with movement. We believe that we are all capable of more than we know and age, pain or injury does not require giving up the things you love to do.

Ryan with an athlete
Face shot of Ryan

Dr. Ryan Peeters, PT, DPT
Owner, Founder, Physical Therapist

Above all, he has a passion for helping active adults and athletes looking to optimize their physical health and well-being. Dr. Peeters uses a variety of movement screens and manual therapies such as soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations, and myofascial release to help individuals recover and restore their body from the root of their problems.  

Dr. Ryan Peeters graduated in 2014 from D’Youville University in Buffalo, NY. Since then, he has worked with adults in rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics and home care. From these experiences he has deeply appreciated the consequences our human body faces with age, injury, and disease.

As a Certified Running Gait Analyst he enjoys helping runners improve their performance, analyze their form and identify limitations caused by their movement patterns. He will strive to keep runners active and educate them on the demands of running so they can have a lifelong practice.

Dr. Peeters is also a Level 2 MovNat Certified Trainer which helps compliment the foundation of Path to Movement's Educational Movement Events. His work with MovNat includes being a part of the Medical Advisory Board which created a course for practitioners to learn how to integrate Natural Movement in a clinical setting. He also had the opportunity to contribute as an author for his expertise in anatomy and physiology within the MovNat Certified Trainer Manual. His approach and use of MovNat has served to compliment sports performance and build real world fitness. 

In his free time, you can catch him outdoors with his wife and 2 daughters. He enjoys trail running, playing soccer, hiking the Adirondacks, snowboarding, playing guitar and the piano.

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