Dr. Ryan Peeters

RunningLessons Learned from a DNF

Some times the best learned lessons hurt the most.

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RunningDifferences in Regular Training Shoe v. Carbon-fiber Plated Shoe

Is there a difference we can assess between types of running shoes?

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RunningThe Power of Counting

How to stay present in tough situations, hard effort activity or even when stress is high.

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Health & WellnessConvenience ≠ Healthy

How much ease do we really need to get and stay healthy? Convenience should not always mean the quickest or cheapest option.

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RunningHow Run-Walks Can Improve Your Run Part 2

So you have started a Return to Run Program. You’re coming off an injury and you’ve been told (or decided) that you are going to start adding run-walks into your training. What's the deal?!

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RunningHow Run-Walks Can Improve Your Run Part 1

In this 2 part Blog series we are going to discuss the importance of walking in your run training and how a Return to Run program works. If you’ve experienced a running related injury you have likely used a program like this.

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MovementFinding Balance

Learn how to identify issues with your balance and take your abilities from decent to exceptional.

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Physical TherapyWhat We Do

At Path to Movement Health & Wellness we take a holistic approach on Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Education Movement Events.

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RunningBoulder Field 100km Recap

Lessons Learned from a first 100km Ultra Run - 9/10/22 - Hickory Run State Park, PA

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Health & WellnessLift, Carry, & Hang for Longevity

Learn how Grip Strength can predict health outcomes and how you can improve it to live stronger and more capable.

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Health & WellnessInterview Series - The Wim Hof Method with Pete Reyes

In its first appearance is a new Interview Blog Series where I speak with health and wellness practitioners to hear more about their stories and the wonderful services that are available to us. I hope you enjoy this interview with Pete Reyes of Ignite Sadhana about the Wim Hof Method Workshop I attended.

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RunningInjured From Running?

What did you do the last time you got injured from running? +3 things you can do in the future if you experience a new one.

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MovementWhat is MovNat?

"Natural Movement has always been and will always be a timeless biological necessity" - Erwan Le Corre (Founder of MovNat)

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RunningThe Demands of Running

Learn simple self assessments techniques to level up your running performance.

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Physical TherapyWhat to Expect

My treatment approach & how I will support you.

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MindsetGoal Moving

Hitting a Moving Target

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MovementPerfect Day

What is your perfect day?

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