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Are you unable to perform the normal day to day tasks due to pain and difficulty?

How do you keep doing the things you love as you age or develop injury?

What is the best way for you to attain physical health and longevity?

No more running through injuries.
We will help you get to the root of your pain so you can run longer, faster and finish strong every time.


Why Choose Us

Whether you are looking to recover from an old injury or improve your performance your plan should be individualized.

It should also be engaging, fun, and leave you inspired to find what you are truly capable of.

No matter the goal, we will work together with the right mindset and plan to help you improve your physical well-being.

Have you been told to "stop running" or learned to "just deal" with the pain or injuries?


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Submit the form below and schedule a free discovery call. We want to hear about your goals and what is holding you back. You will speak with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to determine the most holistic solution.


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Begin your path by visiting us for a 75 minute Movement Evaluation. We will complete a thorough assessment that gets to the bottom of your problem and keeps you active.


Plan for Permanent Results

Forget worrying about your problem coming back. Our goal is to give you long-term solutions so you stay strong, capable, and resilient. We understand how important it is to have a long and fulfilling running career.

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Why Choose Us

Here is what our clients have to say about us.

"Dr. Peeters is an extremely thorough and thoughtful Physical Therapist. I suffered a fairly significant Hamstring injury while trying to recapture my glory days. Dr. Peeters completed a detailed diagnosis of the injury, provided necessary treatment, and developed a personalized strengthening program that helped me heal ahead of schedule and has me back on the field more confident than before. In addition to the injury specific care, Dr. Peeters also evaluated my overall physical movement and gave me meaningful insights into the way I run, balance, and approach my overall fitness. His enthusiasm for his craft is contagious, and his personalized approach is both refreshing and effective. I couldn't recommend Dr. Peeters and his process more."

Adam Sarcia

"As an ultra runner, Path to Movement helped me to better understand areas of my body that are inhibiting movement. As a result of my program I have better range of motion and mobility in several areas such as ankles, knees, hips and upper back. I’m confident with this program, I will remain injury free and maintain an active lifestyle for many many years to come!!"

Kristen Varley

"From lifting weights I developed should pain due to my shoulder and collar bone rubbing together with nerve issues. My coach from Plank’d Fitness put me in touch with Ryan who was also a member of the gym/new partner for Physical Therapy. We chatted about my issues and started a plan. I had very small movement but after working with Ryan, who is absolutely amazing, for about a month I now have full movement and back in the gym completing the workouts with minimum pain. I couldn’t thank Ryan enough for how he helped me. One of the best and would recommend to everyone!!!"

Lauren Ranalli

"March 2022 I underwent an arthroscopic meniscectomy , due to a sports related injury. I had no mobility in my knee and was fearful of never getting back to normal activities, including sports. When I was referred to Path to movement, I found their extensive flexibility with scheduling and location a game changer. Along with their professionalism and mobility knowledge they were the perfect choice. Path To Movement truly set my mind at ease and helped me regain confidence, in my physical rehabilitation process. My personalized workout routines and techniques were 2nd to none. The true turning point was when I finally achieved full range of motion in my knee which did not take long, after strictly following Path To Movements daily regiment. The stress and worry I felt prior to contacting Path To Movement has been completely lifted. Not only that but I still see them to strengthen my knee, while I am fully back to playing hockey with no stain or pain. I am forever grateful!"

James Illing

"I originally approached Dr. Ryan because of some knee pain that I had been ignoring for several years. Ryan took the time to listen to all my concerns and was exceptionally thorough in his examination. I had previously brought up these issues with other doctors but because I was able to deal with the discomfort and because the pain was not lasting, the concerns were brushed aside. I told Ryan that I didn't want to have to rely on pain relievers or wear a knee brace if it could be avoided and he set to work giving me stretches and exercises I could do at home between our sessions. Since working with Ryan I have noticed that the pain is greatly diminished and, as an added bonus, the exercises he provided have helped me make some major improvements in my strength at the gym and in my comfort while running and jogging. I HIGHLY recommend Path to Movement Health and Wellness for anyone who needs a thorough, smart, and exceptionally compassionate physical therapist who genuinely cares about his patients and their well being!"

Nathaniel Gach

"Dr. Peeters really knows his stuff. He has helped me tremendously with back pain and mobility issues that I was having. What was unique about one of his techniques was his ability to re-wire how my brain responded to pain points (hacking it). Not only was he able to help me during our sessions, he also created a custom program suited for me to help with mobility issues that was easy to follow (video and personalized notes). Which I continue to practice at home or work. Given these tools and the occasional visits, has made a huge difference for me."

Jason C. Kilpatrick

"Dr Peeters is extremely thorough and professional. I came to him with plantar fasciitis issues, he discovered some other areas in my neck and back that needed attention as well. By working through all these areas with a few mobility and strength exercises added to my daily routine, I have found great relief. Thank you Dr. Peeters!"

Karen Gibble

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