Goal Moving

Hitting a Moving Target

“The significance of a man is not in what he attains, but in what he longs to attain.”

  • Khalil Gibran

It’s within us to choose exactly what we want. 

Be happy. Start cooking healthier. Begin investing for your children’s future. The list goes on.

Mostly it comes in the form of a target, a goal or a vision that we see which will give us much fulfillment. In the real world, objections to getting there do not typically exist, other than the ones circling around in our own head. This simple ability to choose what we want resides in all human beings and it is a great power. 

However the simple ability to choose our end goal is not all about attaining the glory at completion. Rather how we go about choosing to attain it, gives us the lessons and a means to experience our real selves while growing, shaping and moving more goals. We’re given the choice to make a pact or a promise with ourselves to achieve this. We can stick to the plan at all costs to achieve our goal or understand that the way or the “how” we get there is what keeps us rooted in our vision. 

There are times sticking to the plan, and trudging along at all costs can be beneficial. It’s productive and keeps us focused on the tasks at hand. However I know that there are moments when just following the plan can fall apart because somewhere along the way we realize there’s something we do not like. The feeling of being uncomfortable or anxious on our journey for example can be a lot to bear. Or worse yet, the unknown feeling of who you may become once you achieve or fail to achieve this “goal” can be unsettling.   

I get it, I have been there before…many times. In fact I have had those feelings deciding to write and post this blog. 

But when it comes to the choice of health, in all kinds - of the body, the mind, what’s right in your energy space and how you resonate with it - there’s a promise ready to be made. 

  • Whether the path is challenging or easy the destination does not define us. 

Whatever we long for in the end will either challenge us along the way, or flow through us effortlessly. Nonetheless, no matter if we struggle or get a free pass the view from the top is short lived. And it serves only as another vantage point for the next view (goal). So the next time you set a goal continue to focus on the moments that shape you and keep your goals moving rather than what you will attain when the goal is accomplished. 

But whatever you decide...

I hope you stay active, stay healthy and enjoy the process!