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Performance Based Physical Therapy for Runners in Delaware County.
Move Better. Overcome Injury. Enjoy Every Run.

Are you unable to perform the normal day to day tasks due to pain and difficulty?

How do you keep doing the things you love as you age or develop injury?

What is the best way for you to attain physical health and longevity?

No more running through injuries.
We will help you get to the root of your pain so you can run longer, faster and finish strong every time.


Why Choose Us

Whether you are looking to recover from an old injury or improve your performance your plan should be individualized.

It should also be engaging, fun, and leave you inspired to find what you are truly capable of.

No matter the goal, we will work together with the right mindset and plan to help you improve your physical well-being.

Have you been told to "stop running" or learned to "just deal" with the pain or injuries?


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Submit the form below and schedule a free discovery call. We want to hear about your goals and what is holding you back. You will speak with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to determine the most holistic solution.


Get to the Root of it

Begin your path by visiting us for a 75 minute Movement Evaluation. We will complete a thorough assessment that gets to the bottom of your problem and keeps you active.


Plan for Permanent Results

Forget worrying about your problem coming back. Our goal is to give you long-term solutions so you stay strong, capable, and resilient. We understand how important it is to have a long and fulfilling running career.

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Why Choose Us

Here is what our clients have to say about us.

This past January, I was battling real pain from plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I had just begun my training cycle for the Boston Marathon, which was twelve weeks away, and highly discouraged that I wouldn’t be able to race. By March, I was making some progress, but was skeptical that the race would still happen for me since I hadn’t trained well, and was still experiencing some discomfort. Ryan continued to insist that we’d have a breakthrough if we stuck with the plan, exercises, and stretches. And we did! Happy to say that I just ran and completed Boston, with no pain at all in my heel. Thanks again, Ryan!

Darren P.

"I started to see result early in the process and that was very encouraging. I did have other things come up (back pain from over-working it) and Dr. Ryan adjusted, addressed that effectively, and then we got back to fixing my knee. The experiences I had with Dr. Ryan showed me he has a lot of tools to bring to the table to address a wide array of problems. I would recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation. You'll be glad you went."

Kendrick M.

"From the start Dr. Ryan was able to recognize imbalances that no other PT had recognized before. I was skeptical in the beginning... How could this super basic movement possibly fix pain I had for years. After the first few days my hip and low back had stopped bothering me. Over the coming weeks I was able to improve my balance, flexibility, and strength while greatly reducing my pain. I had for years despised the boring minute movements I had learned in traditional PT but with path to movement my daily exercises were fun and something I looked forward to."

Kyla C.

"I chose to work with Dr. Ryan because he was open and thoughtful when I first reached out to him. After working with him for a few months now, I appreciate his dedication and commitment. While I don’t always feel confident in myself and my abilities as a runner, I’m confident in Dr. Ryan’s experience as a physical therapist and his commitment to getting me back to running form."

Matthew P.

"As an ultra runner, Path to Movement helped me to better understand areas of my body that are inhibiting movement. As a result of my program I have better range of motion and mobility in several areas such as ankles, knees, hips and upper back. I’m confident with this program, I will remain injury free and maintain an active lifestyle for many many years to come!!"

Kristen V.

"Since working with Ryan I have noticed that the pain is greatly diminished and, as an added bonus, the exercises he provided have helped me make some major improvements in my strength at the gym and in my comfort while running and jogging. I HIGHLY recommend Path to Movement Health and Wellness for anyone who needs a thorough, smart, and exceptionally compassionate physical therapist who genuinely cares about his patients and their well being!"

Nate G.

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